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After spending all of 2019 focusing on small studies, sketches, and experimentation (plus a whole load of writing), I’ve decided to extend this into 2020. I’ll be focusing a lot of my attention on oil painting for the near future.

For artists, experimentation is key lest we stagnate. I am constantly working to show or commission deadlines, and as such, this time to experiment often has to make way for other projects. I decided to take this issue in hand, step back from showing for a while, and play.


Oil painting is very new to me, and as such, I’m really enjoying the freedom to wildly experiment without having to worry about consistency. When I started, I was finding it incredibly difficult to replicate the precision and detail that I get with my tape works. I very quickly realised that even trying to achieve such things was inherently futile and doomed to fail, and so I embraced the naivety and the looseness of the paint, and I’m loving the new challenge.


Above is a small, unfinished detail of a much larger painting, and is a portrait of my bff Marcel Proust.