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Navigating The Art World: Professional Practice for the Early Career Artist
Paperback – ISBN 978-1-9997990-4-5

This business book is aimed at early career artists and helps to equip them with the practical tools needed to approach their careers, shining light upon some things that are often hidden from view. It has been written as a series of opinion pieces rather than a how-to guide, and covers such topics as how to exhibit and sell your works, as well as things like how to stay motivated, and how to deal with the periods of insecurity that a career in the arts can often create.

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Flowering Desolation

Digital Download – PDF

Flowering Desolation is my first play, completed in early 2018.

Every sentence in the play is taken from a different source of classic literature, and then stitched together to form one linear narrative.

The play is in PDF format. Click the button to open it in your browser, or right click > ‘Save as…’ to save to your computer.




Future Works

Benjamin is currently working on his debut novel, which will be a philosophical work of experimental fiction, and his first collection of poetry.