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So this year, as well as making a lot less full-sized works than past years, I’ve also been saying yes to a few things that I’ve said no to in the past. Ive done a few commissions this year, which have all been interesting processes. As artists, we are often reluctant to surrender some of our creative control to another, preferring to have absolute freedom to create as we choose. As a surprise to even myself, I’ve actually quite enjoyed this process, as it’s forced me to work in ways (both stylistically and in terms of subject matter) that I wouldn’t usually have done.

commissions I did 3 commissions so far this year, and would potentially consider another small one in the next few months before all of the hectic stuff starts around Feb/ March time. March is always hectic because I usually release my only print of the year on my birthday, which is the 7th. The print sold out in 24 hours last time, and so there’s extra pressure for this years print to live up to the last one. I am planning an A2 linoprint this time, but I haven’t yet decided what it will be of. I plan to do a few preparatory sketches in the next few weeks and then decide, perhaps asking my followers which one they like best. Then I will redraw it onto the lino and cut it out this January, before printing it in February.

If you would like to see my last print, you can check it out HEREĀ 

And to register your interest in my new print, contact me


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