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Benjamin Murphy is a visual artist and writer based between London and Helsinki.

Born in West Yorkshire in 1988, Benjamin now exhibits globally. He holds both a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree, specialising in Contemporary Fine Art.

His current work explores themes of polarity, time, memory, and contrast – often rendered in charcoal on raw canvas.

He is the co-founder and co-director of Delphian Gallery, and is an associate lecturer at the University of the Arts London.

He enjoys reading, skateboarding, and talking about himself in the third person.

“Benjamin’s work makes me question every belief I hold dear.” – Jake Chapman


“Benjamin makes his work about life and death, the perennial concerns of young men.” – Billy Childish

“…this is a multifaceted talent who choses to focus his art on an aesthetic and ethos that is so well-rounded and thought-out that many artists working a lifetime would be jealous of.” – Andrew Salgado


“Yeah, looks alright.” – Grayson Perry


Masters Degree in Academic Practice – University of the Arts London (finishing Jan 2023)

Masters Degree with Merit – Contemporary Fine Art – The University of Salford

Bachelors Degree – Graphic Design – The University of Salford

AVCE (B,C) Art and Design – Leeds College of Art

Masterpieces of World Literature: Fictions of the Modern World – Harvard University(EdX Online)

The Original Spirit of Western Philosophy – Tsinghua University (EdX Online)

Shakespeare Matters – Adelaide University (EdX Online)

Philosophy and Critical Thinking – The University of Queensland (Edx Online)

Justice – Harvard University (EdX Online)



As Yet UntitledTBC London 2023

DISASTERPIECE – Lychee One Gallery London 2022

Petrol/Station/Flowers – Lychee One Gallery London 2021

ANTIHERODelphian Gallery (Helsinki) 2019

Lavish Entropy – Delphian Gallery (London) 2018

Vile Oblivion – Creat Gallery (Helsinki) 2016

Gilded Chaos – Beers Contemporary (London) 2016

Innocence Is A Thing Of Which We Know Nothing – Great Eastern Bear Gallery (London) 2013

Abandon All Hope – Hoxton Gallery (London) 2012


Clovermill Residency (With Matt Macken) – Holland – 2022

Deaths and Entrances (solo show) – Mirada Gallery Ravenna, Italy – 2015

Nothing Is More Real Than Nothing (solo show) –Pescara, Italy – 2014

LuxUrban – Luxembourg 2013


As yet UntitledTBC Aarhus 2023

As Yet UntitledTBC London 2022

Faded Glory (With Nick JS Thompson) – Book&Job Gallery San Fransisco 2019

Everything Must Go (With Hayden Kays) – London January 2015


FunGalGroUpShowSade Gallery LA 2022

Weeds Won’t Wither – Jari Lager Gallery Cologne Germany 2022

Art Busan Art Fair (With Jari Lager Gallery) – Busan Korea 2022

Lust For Life – De Melkerij Veltem-Beisem Belgium 2022

Clovermill Residency – Holland 2022

DandelionDelphian Gallery Basel 2021

In Praise Of DarknessPiermarq Sidney, Australia 2021

Whelm Leicester Contemporary 2021

Backdoor Show NBB Gallery Berlin, Germany 2021

WastelandThe Factory Project London, UK 2021

Antisocial IsolationThe Saatchi Gallery London, UK 2020 (also curating) 2020-21

Brindar Con Extraños (curated by Francisco Mendes Moreira)Trinta Arte Contemporánea, Spain 2020-21

Online Viewing RoomPt. 2 Gallery Oakland, USA 2020

Live From The Deep EndGobstopper Gallery Philadelphia USA 2020

DialogsLa Spezia Italy 2020

Online Viewing RoomPt.2 Gallery Oakland USA 2020

UnmaskedDaniel Raphael Gallery London 2020

Works On Paper 1&2Blue Shop Cottage London UK 2020

Divergent MotionDelphian Gallery London 2019

TrinityThe Saatchi Gallery London 2018

JNY – The Saatchi Gallery London 2018

Cash Is King – The Saatchi Gallery London 2018

Hospital Rooms Griffin Gallery London – 2018

JNY – Jealous Gallery East London 2018

TAC – Neurotitan Gallery Berlin 2018

Reprieve Charity Gala – The Serpentine Sackler Gallery London 2017

WeAreTheOnes Kunstsalion Copenhagen 2017

75 Works On Paper – Beers Contemporary London 2017

ING Discerning Eye Art Prize (invited artist) – The Mall Galleries London 2017

Vernissage – Neurotitan Gallery Berlin 2016

Class Acts – Subliminal Projects Gallery Los Angeles USA 2016

Terrence Higgins Trust Auction (Charity Show) – The Savoy Hotel London 2016

Reprieve (Charity Show) – The Wallace Collection London 2016

MSF (Charity Show) – Hoxton Gallery London 2016

Diversity Role Models (Charity Show) –Waldorf Hotel London 2016

50×50 – The Saatchi Gallery London 2015

Repeive Auction (Charity Show) – The Wallace Collection London – 2015

Hemyca (London Fashion Week) – M&C Saatchi London – 2015

Sadie Frost/ Hep C Fundraiser (Charity Show) – Groucho Club London 2015


SynthesisSaatchi Gallery London 2022

The Uncanny Valley (Conor Murgatroyd & Peter Doyle) – The Room London 2022

Delphian Open CallUnit 1 Gallery London 2022

Delphian ResidencyLa Cour de Husson France 2022

In Praise Of Darkness – Piermarq Gallery Sidney 2021

Pulling Faces – Igor Moritz debut UK solo show – Delphian Gallery London 2021

femininity – Rhiannon Salisbury solo show – Delphian Gallery London 2021

Following Nature – Una Ursprung solo show – Delphian Gallery London 2021

Relax, The Universe is Expanding – David Shillinglaw solo show – Delphian Gallery London 2021

Fatal Shadow and Narcissus (Cathy Tabbakh & Elizabeth Power) – Delphian Gallery London 2021

OriginDelphian Gallery London 2021

Wasteland – Delphian Gallery London 2021

The Doors Of Perception (Florence Hutchings solo show) Delphian Gallery Paris 2020

Antisocial IsolationThe Saatchi Gallery London 2020

Delphian X Guts – The Factory London 2019 

Habitual Submission – (Rhiannon Salisbury) Delphian Gallery London 2019

Divergent MotionDelphian Gallery London 2019

Open Call –Delphian Gallery London 2019

A Long Way from Home – (Igor Moritz & Kevin Perkins) Delphian Gallery London 2019

Some Pieces of Mind – (Bertrand Fournier debut UK solo show) –Delphian Gallery London 2019

Open Call –Delphian Gallery London 2019

Seating Arrangement – (Florence Hutchings debut solo show) –Delphian Gallery London 2018

Diary of an Introvert – (Jordy Kerwick debut uk solo show) –Delphian Gallery London 2018

Open Call –Delphian Gallery London 2018

Lost Coast (Carson Lancaster debut UK solo show) – Delphian Gallery London 2018

Printswap theprintspace London 2017

Obscurely Prophetic –Delphian Gallery London 2017

Relics – BSMT Space London 2016

Defiance – John The Unicorn Peckham 2016

The Decline of Conscience– Hundred Years Gallery 2015

Art on a Postcard 2 – Soho Revue 2015

Art on a Postcard Moniker Moniker Art Fair 2015

Art on a Postcard 1– Whitfield Fine Art Soho – 2014

Group Collective Are Kunsts – The Factory Whitechapel – 2013

Fuck Christmas – Hoxton Gallery – 2012


Since 2018 Benjamin has held an academic post at University of the Arts London, as an Associate Lecturer on the IVM (Masters Degree).

Rosso Arts Academy Shanghai, Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, Instart Hangzhou China, Camberwell College of Arts, SKD art Beijing, University of Birmingham, The University of Bedfordshire,The Slade School of Fine Art, The University of Salford, The Factory/ Guts Gallery, Cluster Art Fair, Copeland Gallery, theprintspace, The Churchill War Rooms, Artiq, Art Prize, University of Ravenna, LuxUrban Luxembourg.


Bring One Get Words Free – London 2022


Navigating the Art World – Professional Practice for the Early Career Artist was released through Foolscap Editions in Spring 2020

The play Flowering Desolation was released in 2018.

Poetry collection Perfectly Careless, Final Separation released Summer 2022.

Benjamin regularly contributes essays and articles to print and online publications, including:

FAD Magazine (Online)

This Is Tomorrow (online)

AfterNyne Magazine (print and online)

Assemblage Magazine (online)

55 Pages (print and online)

ArteFuse (online)

Young Artists in Conversation (online)


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