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I’ve written a book! It’s essentially a business book for early career artists, and it will be released through Foolscap Editions sometime in Spring/ Summer 2020. The first draft is almost done, and then the designers and printers will get to work.

Rather than being a ‘how-to’ book for artists, it is a compendium of opinion-pieces written about given topics, that we at Delphian believe emerging artists will find useful. For the past few years, we have been giving lectures and panel discussions aimed at early-career artists; for these, we have used our social media to ascertain what it is that artists want (or often need) to know about the artworld and how it works, and we have used these as starting points to write the essays that make up the book.

Written a book

Some of the essay titles include:

Requiem for the Exhibition, Playing to the Collectors, Business for Artists, and The Role of the Gallery in the Post-Social Media World.

To be placed on the waiting list for the book, or for more information, please email

This writing project comes a year after I wrote my first play, which can be downloaded for free HERE