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From Sketch To Tape




























I rarely work from sketches, preferring to go straight in with the tape on to the glass. As well as this though, I am incessantly drawing in sketchbooks, its just that these rarely become tape drawings.

The above images are an example of when this isn’t the case. The top images is one of my sketchbook drawings (most of which are never seen or exhibited), and the bottom is electrical tape on glass. I liked the sketch so much that I decided to replicate it with tape. The tape drawing is much larger than the sketch, and is a mirror image as when I do a tape drawing I tape on to the glass and then set that in resin, then I flip it and frame it so you’re essentially looking through the glass at the tape.

Olivia Colman Artwork

img_0941 OliviaColman2



























Recently I donated the opportunity to have a tape portrait of yourself to the Reprieve charity auction at the Wallace Collection.  Here is some progress shots of one of the winning bidders, actress (and all-round hero) Olivia Colman.

The other artist to donate work to this auction was Anthony Gormley.

I was ecstatic to have raised £6100 for the charity that night, and £9100 in total for charity during the months October and November.

Studio Documentary

Here is the new film documenting myself at work in the studio. It offers a rare insight into the way that I create works using electrical tape, and my inspirations and reasons for doing so.

Produced and Directed by the immensely talented Nick JS Thompson
Originally released at Moniker Art Fair with Stick Together
Bespoke music by James Dory Sutherland



















Above is a new work entitled RIOT, first exhibited at Well Hung gallery in Hoxton. The work is created using only black electrical tape on glass – the roll of tape in the bottom corner is to give an idea of scale.


For sales enquiries please contact – iinfo@wellhung.co.uk

Recent Interviews

I1474409049445‘ve been doing a lot of interviews recently, read about my inspiration, process, and background at the below links.

After Nyne Magazine

Islington Gazette

Art On A Postcard

London On The Inside

Hackney Gazette

On the left is one of the works I have exhibiting at Moniker Art Fair with Art On A Postcard.



Shows This Month

































Three shows coming up this month, all with previously unshown electrical tape works.

The first is on the 23rd, and is at Apiary Studios.

Event here – https://www.facebook.com/events/1049109998477881/

Other artists include: Hayden Kays, The Connor Brothers, Mark Powell, Joe Webb

The second is top secret, and details will be released soon.

The third is at Well Hung Gallery on the 29th at Well Hung Gallery.

Event here – https://www.facebook.com/events/1729866280609147/

Other artists include: Matt Small, Jim McElvaney, Joseph Loughborough, Ben Slow, and James Klinge. 

Hope to see you at one of them.

Benjamin Murphy