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Obscurely Prophetic Exhibition

I’m about to launch a a new roving gallery in East London and I’m very excited about it. We (Delphian Gallery) have been curating exhibitions for the past 4 years, but are about to relaunch with our first show in partnership with theprintspace in Hoxton. More information can be found on the Facebook page HERE
And you can RSVP for the private view HERE 




















Drinks have been kindly supplied by Camden Town Brewery, so big thanks to them. 




Stitch Drawing






























I’m excited to show a little hint of a new style of work I’ve been working on, done by hand-stitching paper. I did a small one for the Art On A Postcard charity auction a few years ago, raising money for the Hepatitis C Trust. Here are a few sneak peeks of the first full-sized one, one is of the front and one is the reverse. 


For a works on paper show at the end of the year.

A5 Sketchbook Page



















I’m constantly drawing in sketchbooks and they largely never get seen. 

A few years ago a gallery rang me on a Monday and asked me if I wanted to do a show that Friday, so naturally I agreed and cut up all of my sketchbooks over the previous few years and exhibited them. I’m thinking of doing the same again soon, watch this space for more info.

Full sized 3 layer tape drawing.















Here is a recently finished 3-layered artwork. 

Electrical tape on three layers of glass, which are each encased in clear resin and then backed with either white paper or paint. Then all three layers are framed within one frame.

More coming soon.

Benjamin Murphy