A5 Sketchbook Page



















I’m constantly drawing in sketchbooks and they largely never get seen. 

A few years ago a gallery rang me on a Monday and asked me if I wanted to do a show that Friday, so naturally I agreed and cut up all of my sketchbooks over the previous few years and exhibited them. I’m thinking of doing the same again soon, watch this space for more info.

Full sized 3 layer tape drawing.















Here is a recently finished 3-layered artwork. 

Electrical tape on three layers of glass, which are each encased in clear resin and then backed with either white paper or paint. Then all three layers are framed within one frame.

More coming soon.

Terrence Higgins Trust auction at Christies
















This week I have a work up for auction through Christies, raising money for the Terrence Higgins Trust.

Some of the other artists involved include: Tracey Emin, Howard Hodgkin, Mat Collishaw, Anthony Gormley, Anish Kapoor, Maggi Hambling, Billy Childish, Cornelia Parker, Julian Opie, Jeremy Deller, Michael Craig-Martin, Conrad Shawcross.

The work is a portrait commission, and is still available to bid on until 3pm on Thursday the 20th of April.

Bid on it [HERE]


Big thanks to Andrew Salgado and Beers Contemporary for getting me involved.

Odette Lightbox















My second lightbox is being shown in the opening show at Art Of Protest Gallery in York. The show opens on Thursday the 13th of Arpil, and I will be in attendance at the private view if anyone wants to come say hi.

The work is inspired by the elegant allure of Odette Swann from Marcel Proust’s In Search Of Lost Time. 

Please direct purchase enquiries to the gallery via this LINK

Nick Harkaway Commission


















Last year that charity Reprieve asked me to donate another work to their annual fundraising gala dinner and auction. I decided to donate the opportunity to have your portrait done by me, with black electrical tape on glass.

The first portrait was the one posted below, bought by Olivia Colman, the one above was the second, and is of novelist Nick Harkaway.

Nick’s father is John Le Carré, who wrote Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, and The Night Manager. The reason I mention this is that coincidentally Olivia recently won a Golden Globe for her role in The Night Manager. It’s a small world.

I am very happy to have been able to raise £6100 for the charity on the night.

(Electrical tape on glass 2017)

Olivia Colman Commission



















I was recently commissioned by actress Olivia Colman to draw her and her husband Ed. All of the elements and patterns in the background are photographed from within their house, so the artwork is all the more meaningful to them.

(Electrical tape on glass 2017)

From Sketch To Tape




























I rarely work from sketches, preferring to go straight in with the tape on to the glass. As well as this though, I am incessantly drawing in sketchbooks, its just that these rarely become tape drawings.

The above images are an example of when this isn’t the case. The top images is one of my sketchbook drawings (most of which are never seen or exhibited), and the bottom is electrical tape on glass. I liked the sketch so much that I decided to replicate it with tape. The tape drawing is much larger than the sketch, and is a mirror image as when I do a tape drawing I tape on to the glass and then set that in resin, then I flip it and frame it so you’re essentially looking through the glass at the tape.

Benjamin Murphy